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Introduction to Phuket

Phuket is located on the west coast, in the southern part of Thailand. This largest island of Thailand, which is surrounded by other 32 islands, has total area 570 square kilometres. Phuket has it greatest breadth of 21.3 kilometres it greatest length of 48.7 kilometres, the province is bordered as follows :
On the north : is Pahk Prah Channel; Phang - nga Province is connected to Phuket by two bridges in the same area, Sarasin Bridge and Thao Thep Krasattri Bridge.
On the south : lies the Andaman Sea.
On the west: lies the Andaman Sea.
On the east : is the Bay of Phang - nga.


Phuket is broken by mountains and valleys throughout mainly from a north - south range . running down the west coast. This accounts for about 70 percent of the land area. The tallest peak, Mai Tao Sip Song ( 12 Cane Peak) is roughly 529 meters, in Tambon Patong, Kathu District. The other 30 percent of the land mass is flat land located mainly in the central and eastern portions of the island. Sandy beaches and mountains lie on the west; in addition there are small estuaries and lagoons, including Klong Bang Yai, Klong Ta Jeen, Klong Ta Rua, and Klong Bang Rong.


Phuket's weather is typical of its location near in an area influenced by monsoon winds: warm, humid, but pleasant all year long. There are only two seasons: the rainy season, from May to November, during the southwest monsoon, and the hot season, from December to April, when the monsoon winds blow from the northeast. March has the highest average temperature, 33.4 c, and the lowest average temperatures are experienced early mornings in January, when the thermometer fails to 22 c.


The total population in January 1995 was199,847. Most are Thai Buddhists of ethnic Chinese blood. In addition there are Thai Muslims, Sihks, Christians, and a small group called 'Thai Mai' (new Thais) but better known as' Chaolay' or 'Sea Gypsies'.


Phuket government is divided into 3 districts ( called 'Amphur')
    Amphur Muang ( Phuket Town )
    Amphur Thalang
    Amphur Kathu

Business Hours

Most offices open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, except on and around public holidays when business hours may vary widely. General banking hours are Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. Many store are open 12 hours a day, seven days a week.


Electricity in Thailand is 220 Volts AC at 50 cycles. Several different plugs and sockets are in use, so traveller will need to be aware of this when using shavers, tape recorders or other appliances that require power mains. A plug adapter kit can be purchased in Phuket. There are occasional blackouts and power variations, especially during rainy season. Care should be taken to protect delicate equiptment like notebooks.

Photographic Facilities

Most popular brand and types of film are widely available in Thailand and in Phuket. It is advisable to bring any special photographic equipment or film from home as supplies may be limited here. Film processing is widely available and one-hour service is common.

Postal Service

The post office are usually open from 8 am to 4.30 pm. The Thai post service is usually reliable. Important item can be sent by Express Mail Service (EMS). This is faster and safer but the cost is higher. Private air couriers like DHL and UPS have representatives in Phuket.

E-Mail Service

There are also several Internet Cafes in the small communities around the island and especially in the more developed tourist locations. For thoes with a laptop computer , access to internet service provider is possible throughout the island.

Tourist Safety

As far as safety in Thailand, there are some thing traveller should watch out for . Pickpockets are more likely to be found in tourist areas, on buses, at festivals, and at boat harbors, so keep an eye on your valuables. Bring only what you have to , and leave all valuables in your hotels safe. Credit card fraud is not uncommon in Thailand, so be cautious with your cards, even those left in your hotel room and allow them to be used only at reliable places business.

You and the law

Respect for the police is a must and rude talk or shouting should be avoided in every case, guilty or not. Thai police officers have must greater power of action than for example their European counterparts and will not accept disrespectful behavior Common Offences such as not wearing a helmet will get you a 300 Baht fine and a 2 hour wait at the local police station to pay your fine. Parking on the wrong side of the road will get your bike or or car chained up and another long wait to pay your fine.The trick is to know which side of the road to park on. Just look to see where everyone else has parked and park on that side of the road. If you rent a motorcycle and you get involved in an accident , you will pay for all the damages regardless of you're right or wrong. Basically that's the way it is, moto-cycles are not insured and the Thai police will take the side of their follow countrymen over you in any dispute. Having said that the tourist police in Phuket are also aware of the little trick s that the rip-off merchants use (such as short changing at money exchange booths) so if you feel that you've been done an injus-tice then stand your ground, remain cool at all times whilst awaiting their arrival. Call them at Tel : 1669 toll free.

Sunset Times(at Promhtep Cape)

JANUARY 18.20-18.34
FEBUARY 18.34-18.38
MARCH 18.37-18.39
APRIL 18.36
MAY 18.37-18.42
JUNE 18.40-18.48
JULY 18.47-18.50
AUGUST 18.36-18.47
SEPTEMBER 18.19-18.35
OCTOBER 18.06-18.18
NOVEMBER 18.04-18.07
DECEMBER 18.07-18.20

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