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Lamai Beach

Shopping l Dinner & Restaurants l Night Life

Lamai Beach is Samui's Second largest resort area after Chaweng. It is quieter and less bustling than its big sister, but still with plenty of accommodation, dining and shopping options to be found, and some great spas and tourist sites to explore. In terms of popularity, the tourist facilities and the quality of the beach itself, Lamai comes a close second to Chaweng, but with a less frenetic ambience.
The general atmosphere is laid back and Lamai has slightly older, and by extention cheaper tourist facilities than Chaweng, although there is some indication that the area is slowly being rejuvenated. Along with the rest of Samui, there is a steady trend away from the 'cheap and cheerful' toward smarter, high-end accommodation and dining facilities and new resorts in Lamai such as The Pavillion, The Renaissance and Lamai Wanta bear testament to this upgrade.

While the central part of Lamai can seem a little 'single-male-orientated', especially at night, there is often a fairly mixed crowd of Westerners hanging out in the town. The older European ex-pat scene centres around the beach-road beer-bars, with backpackers and health-seekers staying on the fringes, catered for by spas and cheap bungalows. Due to its relaxed atmosphere, Lamai is also great for families and some resorts such as Jungle Park and Buddy Beer cater well for kids with good swimming pools and shallow, safe beach front areas.

Lamai is a much more manageable size than Chaweng, so a daytime stroll along the beach or an evening walk on the main strip can take in most of the sights. Lamai is also bordered by lush jungle, with secluded bays, small quaint villages, temples, spas, mummified monks and phallic rock formations all close by. Lamai is also a living, working Thai village with a tight-nit local community centred around the cultural hubs of the temple and daily market. There are still quite a few old-style wooden houses raised on stilts and local people sell fruit from their garden, take in laundry and do clothes repairs or run small grocery stores from the front room of their house.

Lamai beach is lovely - a stunning crescent of palm-fringed powdery white sand that's perfect for whiling away the day sunbathing and a deep central stretch of water great for swimming and watersports. If you are looking for a relaxing few days on the beach, the local amenities can cater adequately to all needs and you wont have to move too much at all.
At the northern end the water is shallow and rocky, however, the calm shallow nature of the sea here makes it ideal for small children.
Many vendors patrol the beach selling ice cream, fruit, grilled sweet corn or chicken and Thai papaya salad, cold drinks, jewellery, sarongs. Like in the rest of Samui, the beach vendors are polite and not too persistent and therefore offer a useful service, rather than an annoyance.

Lamai also has a number of massage salas dotted along the beach. Most of the beach masseurs offer Thai and oil massages, as well as aloe-vera body wraps, henna tattoos, manicures and hair braiding. There is also a good range of sports available for the more active beach-goer. In the central stretch of the beach, near Lamai Wanta Resort, you will find a couple of places to rent jet-skis, and kayaks, and there is also windsurfing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, parasailing, and speedboat charters available.

As the sun goes down, some of the beachfront cafes start putting out tables on the sand, and when darkness falls, the candles and fairy lights create a romantic ambience. A cocktail or dinner under the stars is the perfect end to a day on Lamai beach.