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Thai Food

Popular Thai Dishes

Here is a simpling of great local dishes to look for

Chicken with Cashew Nuts or Kai Phat Met Ma-muang Himaphan in Thai   Tom Yam Kung   Pad Thai Kung or Stir-Fried Rice Noodle with Shrimp
Kai Phat Met Ma-muang   Tom Yam Kung   Pad Thai Kung
Tom Ka Kai or Chicken Coconut Soup   Stir-fried Vegetables or Pad Pak Ruam Mid in Thai   Green Curry Chicken or Gang Kiew-Wan Kai
Tom Ka Kai   Pad Pak Ruam Mid   Gang Kiew-Wan Kai
Papaya salad or Thai Salad or Som Tum in Thai   Lab Gai or Spicy Chicken Salad   Pad Ga Pow Kai- Stir fried basil with chicken
Som Tum Thai   Lab Gai   Pad Ga Pow Kai
Chicken Fried Rice or Khao Pad Kai   Spring rolls or poh pia tod    
Khao Pad Kai   Poh Pia Tod